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Should you choose to instruct Hamilton May as your sole agent, in return we can offer you a number of benefits which will enhance the visibility of your property across our website and marketing channels.

Not only will this accelerate the process of finding a serious buyer or tenant for your property, but it will also leave you rest assured that you have one effective and professional contact to deal with your instruction.

Benefits of Hamilton May Exclusive

  • Enhanced positioning

    Hamilton May provides enhanced positioning of exclusive listings across our marketing channels. This includes our website, where the exclusive properties are always listed above non-exclusive ones

    The priority applies also to external portals, where we have a separate budget to boost our exclusive listings. Our most desirable properties are often promoted through social media, newsletter and Google remarketing ads.

  • Exclusive branding

    Desirable Hamilton May exclusive branding is applied to our sole listings. Exclusive ribbon, combined with boosted website positioning makes your property extremely noticeable to our serious buyers and tenant.

    What is more, we have a featured Hamilton May Exclusive landing page, specifically optimized for Google search. Exclusive tag is also exported on all major portals, so you do not have to hassle with listing the property yourself.

  • Virtual tour

    Here at Hamilton May we constantly look for solutions to give our clients a competitive advantage. Our 360° virtual tours open even further possibilities to display your property in the best light. Since 2020 they proved to be the best way of conducting remote viewings.

    Complimentary virtual tours are dedicated only for exclusive properties matching certain qualifications. Please liaise with your lead agent to work out the most suitable marketing strategy for your property.

  • Promotion to other agencies

    Hamilton May is on the market for more than 15 years and therefore our brand is one of the most recognized and trusted across premium real estate agencies. In fact, we have a proven track record of deals made in co-operation with other agencies, who often use our websites as a resource for their clients.

    Our monthly Hamilton May Selected Listings newsletter, featuring our most desirable exclusive listings, is sent out to more than 100 agents. We work with other agencies, do you do not have to.