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Hamilton May Commercial Centre

Specialising in Krakow’s commercial property market

  • Hundreds of commercial properties for sale and rent
  • Focus high standard city centre offices and retail spaces
  • Expertise in commercial lease negotiation
  • Commercial property management services
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Krakow Office Developments

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Equal Business Park

  • Asking rent 13.5 - 14 EUR/m2
  • Lettable space 24 225 m2
  • Min. lease 60 months


  • Asking rent 58 - 90 PLN/m2
  • Lettable space 2500 m2
  • Min. lease 12 months

Enterprise Park

  • Asking rent 14.5 PLN/m2
  • Lettable space 28655 m2
  • Min. lease 60 months

Orange Office Park

  • Asking rent 14.25 EUR/m2
  • Lettable space 8129 m2
  • Min. lease 60 months

Union Printing House

  • Asking rent 70 PLN/m2
  • Lettable space 1500 m2
  • Min. lease 12 months

Nowa Kamienica

  • Asking rent 14 EUR/m2
  • Lettable space 3500 m2
  • Min. lease 60 months


  • Asking rent 15 EUR/m2
  • Lettable space 2171 m2
  • Min. lease 48 months


  • Asking rent 14 EUR/m2
  • Lettable space 1086 m2
  • Min. lease 36 months

Fronton Office Center

  • Asking rent 13 EUR/m2
  • Lettable space 5720 m2
  • Min. lease 36 months

Columbus Office Center

  • Asking rent 42 - 45 PLN/m2
  • Lettable space 6200 m2
  • Min. lease 60 months

Rental - Office Spaces

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Rental - Retail & Shops

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Sales - commercial

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Hamilton May commercial centre for current commercial property for rent and sale

Hamilton May commercial is a department within our sales team assigned to dealing purely in commercial real estate in the Krakow market. Our exclusive commercial property search is designed as hub for the sale and rental of Krakow office space and for other property designated for business-related use, such as shops and retail units.

Finding a suitable business premises can be a difficult and complex process. At Hamilton May we have a long history of negotiation commercial leases and sales and fully understand the extra attention to detail that is required to see a commercial property search through to a successful transaction.

Backed up by professional advice from our commercial sales agents, the Hamilton May commercial centre is recognised as an invaluable resource, helping small and medium sized business to find solutions to their real estate requirements.